I wrote this on the day of 19th year of my life. I thought that my 19th birthday wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t write this. Maybe this note will show you little bit of my mellow side.

I was born in a small hometown in the South Sumatera, Lahat city. I’m person with nothing, I was born with all my imaginations and my dreams. And I just realized that I am 19th years old now and I’m still alive it makes me think that I have something and I want to thank for it.

Maybe this is the first time any of you reading about me saying thanks to Something or Someone up there, who gives me a lot of blessings or even the smallest luck that I never realize, thank you.

I would like to say thank you very much to God. Who gave me chance to always improve my self, gave me health until now. Thanks to my parent, even they were having hard time. They always tried to give me the best they could, to teach me about the world. Thanks to my mom who always encourages me with her endless love. Thanks to my dad, always work hard for me and my family. Even when He is old enough. Mom and Dad I will keep my oath to make you happy and proud that I AM YOUR SON! Please wait a little bit longer for me, I’m on my way. Yes, I’m on my way. Thank you!

For my older brother I know that you have a lot of pressures from dad because you are the oldest one. But don’t take it personally, bro. You can share it with me. I know that you always try to protect me and old sis. But now we are old enough to handle anything. So you can share it to me. Thanks for holding it for so long, and I’m sorry for my childish behaviour back then. Thank you!

For my older sister, hi sis. You are the cutest older sister that I have. It makes me want to protect you and makes you happy forever! Thanks for protecting me in front of Mom and Dad back then, when I still wanted to just go out and play, thanks for your effort. Thank you!

When I was in my junior high school, thanks to my friends, Rendra, M.Dedi, Deddi, Budi, Jupi, Andri, Cecep, Nanda, Seven, Joko, Eem, Angga, Arief, Yenny, Yani, Weny, Tri, Putri, Jean, Dessy. And another friends that I’ve forgotten (I’m really sorry about this). Thanks mates, you guys really mean a lot to me. You had taught me about friendship, cared for me when I was down. I don’t know how to repay you guys, I am not far from you guys. I will go and search for something that, maybe, one day I can share it with you guys. Hug you all and say “thanks a lot”. Thank you!

When I was in my senior high school still thanks to Danu, Aan, Leo, Yandi, Yadi, Ari, Nurman, Deky, Jhon, Dery, Aprianto (Piko), Aulia, Dody, Jemmy, Arwanto, Azwar, Sadik, Candra, Imam, Pratama (Ucok). You guys really inspired me. You guys really meaningful for me, that had helped me a lot, made me learn something new that I couldn’t even imagine before. The knowledge you guys gave to me is very useful up until now. Thank you!

And when I was intership in the 3rd grade of my senior high school still thanks to Aziz, Heri, Erdisi, Hartoni. You guys are very meaningful for me. You had taught me about friendship, taught me a lot about patient and tough. We were learnt, felt the happiness and sadness together. Every second of our conversation is my treasure up until now. Thank you.

When I started to walk on my new path, following the job training after graduated from senior high school. I will never forget my friends who walked beside me, Danu who always supported me, when I was down, you always gave me spirit and motivation. Always beside me when I need. Time runs so fast. It makes me unable to remember everything that happened. But you CARVED something in my heart. Also for danu’s family for your kindness. Thank you!

Thanks to my private teacher, Meddie and family. Meddie’s parent, Keken, Indah. I know guys, you had taught me a lot not only technology but also the most important things are familiness and kindness. Thanks for meddie’s dad, accompanying me when I came to your house upset and feeling down. You always support me. Always. Keep telling and reminding me that I am still an immature boy, and I need to learn more. You really try to cheer me up whenever I feel rejected by the whole world, for the laughters that we laugh together. Those mean a lot to me. Thank you!

Thanks a lot for my English teachers, Ms.Candra, Ms.Dian, Ms.Dwi, Ms.Diah, Ms.Ratih and Ms.Yessy. You really have helped me a lot. You had taught me a lot. I still remember at the first time, I even can’t speak English well. Thanks for your motivation and kindness. Happy fire! Thank you!

Thanks a lot for my new partner in company, Bang Irfan, Alan, Theo.Oc, Theo.Al, Seto, Jumaidi, Arie, Ari, Fino, Richard, Sandy, Iyas, Indra, Heru, Arif, Vico for always supporting me during training. The smiles, memories, happiness, craziness, support, and all story that we’ve made. I learn a lot from you guys. Although we come from different area but now we are one. Together we will take a new brighter future. Light the world with electricity. Thank you!

To Mas Didik, Bang Sofyan, Mas Made, Mas Rangga.W, Ko Welly, Bang Nain, Bang Wisnu thanks for your encouragement, thanks for your kindness, thanks for treating me as your own brother. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me. Thank you!

To Chinese Moslems in China that I’ve met. Ust.Imam Sholeh, Ust.Yusuf with his wife and his son (Ali), Ust.Abdurrahman (I’m sorry I don’t remember the Chinese name) and all of Moslems that I’ve met that I can’t write all the names here. I’m very pleasure to know all of you. For the smiles, warmest hug, pray, kindness, gifts, sweet stories. You had taught me a lot. You always gave me the best that you could. When I got sick, you tried to consoled me with the medicine, food and pray. Together we shares same feelings, stories and dreams. I don’t know how to repay it. I will always keep you in my heart. Although we’ve separated by distance between Indonesia and China but I wish all of you in good health, may Allah give me chance one day to meet all of you again in the future. Amin. Xiexie ni men!

To Mr.James thanks for your kindness during we study in China. Smile and laughter together. You really inspired me to study more and more. Chinese often said, hao hao xuexi tian tian shang shang. Study well and make a progress everyday. Xiexie!

And of course, thanks to myself for all the blood and tears shed along this long road. Thanks for the undying energy burning within, through the coldest of winter in China, survive for a several months in other place of the world and stayed away from home. It’s time to make a new plan for the future! Thank you, me!

And for my ex-girlfriend..

Nurhayati: Thanks for all the memories that you gave me as my 1st girlfriend. Thanks for the good and bad that happened between us. Hope that you’re happy. Thank you, Nur..

For all the girls that have come into my life, girls.. all of you gave me a lot of new things to learn. Marita Indriyani, Indah, Yuni, Yuli, Yulia, Yoanda, Aini, Yessy, Dwi, Yilin, Tong Jin Yu, Ming, Hui. For the adventures, smile, and sharings. Thank you!

Thanks for all those things, I want to say I’M VERY LUCKY to have you in my life. Thanks. Everything you have given to me. Thank you guys, thank you! And in the 19th year of my life, I will keep walking with all the things from you guys. And I will survive. I AM PROUD THAT I HAVE YOU AS MY FRIENDS. Now it’s my turn to make you guys PROUD that you have me as your friend.

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