Great #21st year

Ibarat sedang mengadakan perjalanan panjang yang ditempuh seharian. Maka perjalanan hidupku sudah separuh jalan. Meski fajar yang menyingsing sudah berlalu dan jingga pagi sudah hilang, namun perjalanan belum cukup disini. Lihatlah matahari masih merangkak naik, burung-burung masih berkicau riang, sang angin masih setia berhembus mesra di telinga dan langit biru masih memayungi.

Dua puluh satu tahun sudah usia hari ini. “Selamat ulang tahun!” kuucap pada diri. “Bertambah lagi satu tahun usia, bertambah tua, semoga bertambah pula kebahagiaan dalam hidup dan bertambah kebaikan dalam diri. Tetap menjadi bujang yang baik hati, selalu berbuat baik pada sesama, menjadi kebanggaan orang tua, keluarga, sahabat dan lingkungan dimanapun berada. Dilapangkan dan diluaskan rizkinya. Dikuatkan tangan, kaki dan hatinya agar siap menghadapi rintangan yang ada. Aamiin Allahumma Aamiin.”

Dengan atau tanpa pesta ulang tahun meriah, dengan atau tanpa ucapan ulang tahun yang diucapkan dengan suka cita, dengan atau tanpa kue tar yang besar, setiap hari ulang tahunku selalu kunikmati dengan sederhana. Bahkan barangkali hanya Emak saja yang tahu pasti kapan ulang tahunku. Karena aku memang tak suka menggembar-gemborkan tanggal berapa pastinya ulang tahunku, aku lebih suka menyembunyikannya. Aku hanya lebih suka menyembunyikannya. Dan yang pasti orang-orang yang mengetahui tanggal ulang tahunku adalah orang-orang spesial dan istimewa. :)Continue reading →


I wrote this on the day of 19th year of my life. I thought that my 19th birthday wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t write this. Maybe this note will show you little bit of my mellow side.

I was born in a small hometown in the South Sumatera, Lahat city. I’m person with nothing, I was born with all my imaginations and my dreams. And I just realized that I am 19th years old now and I’m still alive it makes me think that I have something and I want to thank for it.

Maybe this is the first time any of you reading about me saying thanks to Something or Someone up there, who gives me a lot of blessings or even the smallest luck that I never realize, thank you.

I would like to say thank you very much to God. Who gave me chance to always improve my self, gave me health until now. Thanks to my parent, even they were having hard time. They always tried to give me the best they could, to teach me about the world. Thanks to my mom who always encourages me with her endless love. Thanks to my dad, always work hard for me and my family. Even when He is old enough. Mom and Dad I will keep my oath to make you happy and proud that I AM YOUR SON! Please wait a little bit longer for me, I’m on my way. Yes, I’m on my way.Continue reading →

What Is Your Dream?

When you was a child, someone can ask you. What is your dream? And then you can say, I want to become a pilot, I want to become a doctor, astronaut, a soldier, a police, teacher and others.Am I right? But now I want to ask you, what is your dream? Is your dreams same like when you was a child? Or your dreams already changed by time, Or do you have other dreams? Or, maybe you don’t have dreams?

Yeah, everybody has own dreams including me. When I was seven years old, I want to become a soldier.Because, at that time in my opinion. The soldier has strong power to protect the country from enemy with their great equipments. After I graduated from elementary school, and I have so many friends. My dreams had changed. At that time I want to become a Director of the company, with high salary. So that I can buy anything that I want to buy, I can give that money to my parents. Buy the big house, car and motorcycle. Wow, great. And, that dreams become my motivation in the school. So, I always study hard to achieve my dreams.

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