My 1st digital camera

Since I was kid, I like photograph so much. In my private album, you will see my photo start from I was baby until now. I always take photo every year. It’s so funny, when I move cursor to the next photo. I can see, my face changing by time each year, what a cute! :D

When I was in Elementary school, actually I really wants to take a lot pictures of my friends and me. But, imposible at that time the negative camera is rare use. Just for a few people has it. Even me, just wish if someone bring negative camera and take photo and I will join it.

Time by time, our technologhy become better. People found digital camera, or even in the mobilephone also put camera inside. Many kind of camera in mobilephone, VGA, 1.3 MP, 2.5 MP, 3.5 MP, 5 MP, or 10 MP. When I was in Senior high school, I still no have a money to buy a camera. What a pity! (-_-)” so, I alway borrowed my friend’s mobilephone, to take some photos of me. That’s what real happened to me. I really feel shy to telling to you, hahaa.. :D

Then, one day God granted my wish, I have enough money to buy one digital camera. I’m so happy. Thank you so much God. :) now, wherever I go, I always bring my digicam. I just want perpetuate each moment that I have in one photo. So, anytime I can see that photo. For me, each photo that I have storing own memories inside. Nobody will know about that photo, if I could not tell it.

So guys, have you take photo today? ;)

Keep Focus and Learn More!

Because it’s long time to let material books are closed. I’d forget about some systems and since last examination was held, I think I should learn more.

Well, don’t ask me about question which related water system or ash. I’m sure I forgot 60%. So, what’s wrong? :D nothing wrong, it’s natural! Last 2 years I’m working in Fuel System, I just keep focus on it and day by day water and ash system materials forgetting by time.

This evening, I just drew a few drawings and try to remember many equipments on site while imagine the flow, pipe and other equipments such as Clarifier, Activated carbon filter, tanks, cation anion exchanger, wow many things! Pumps, valves, name tagging, I think I need time to do more exercises, review on site and do practice.

I’m happy whenever I can conquered many challenges, feeling to be braver than before. The time is coming, get prepare. When you have a good preparation, you can work well, not only in fuel system but also you can work in water or ash system. Jiayou!

Great #21st year

Ibarat sedang mengadakan perjalanan panjang yang ditempuh seharian. Maka perjalanan hidupku sudah separuh jalan. Meski fajar yang menyingsing sudah berlalu dan jingga pagi sudah hilang, namun perjalanan belum cukup disini. Lihatlah matahari masih merangkak naik, burung-burung masih berkicau riang, sang angin masih setia berhembus mesra di telinga dan langit biru masih memayungi.

Dua puluh satu tahun sudah usia hari ini. “Selamat ulang tahun!” kuucap pada diri. “Bertambah lagi satu tahun usia, bertambah tua, semoga bertambah pula kebahagiaan dalam hidup dan bertambah kebaikan dalam diri. Tetap menjadi bujang yang baik hati, selalu berbuat baik pada sesama, menjadi kebanggaan orang tua, keluarga, sahabat dan lingkungan dimanapun berada. Dilapangkan dan diluaskan rizkinya. Dikuatkan tangan, kaki dan hatinya agar siap menghadapi rintangan yang ada. Aamiin Allahumma Aamiin.”

Dengan atau tanpa pesta ulang tahun meriah, dengan atau tanpa ucapan ulang tahun yang diucapkan dengan suka cita, dengan atau tanpa kue tar yang besar, setiap hari ulang tahunku selalu kunikmati dengan sederhana. Bahkan barangkali hanya Emak saja yang tahu pasti kapan ulang tahunku. Karena aku memang tak suka menggembar-gemborkan tanggal berapa pastinya ulang tahunku, aku lebih suka menyembunyikannya. Aku hanya lebih suka menyembunyikannya. Dan yang pasti orang-orang yang mengetahui tanggal ulang tahunku adalah orang-orang spesial dan istimewa. :)Continue reading →


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