Perempuan Senja

Hatinya tenang meski sesekali bergelombang
Kakinya setegar karang, menopang badan yang goyang
Tangannya menggenggam erat janji
Janji pada suami yang pergi berlayar

Sabar, ucapnya pada diri
Sembari menanti, harapan yang tak pasti
Ketika senja menyapa langit
Maka Ia adalah pagi yang terjepit

Perempuan senja tetap setia
Menunggu suami pulang bekerja
Tapi apa?
Apa hendak dikata
Kapal suaminya tak datang juga
Hingga senja hari ini, ia masih menanti dengan setia

Pagi Ini Menjingga

Coba tanyakan pada pagi yang menjingga pagi ini. Apakah ia merindukanmu? Tidak. Kita yang selalu merindukannya. Merindukan sinar hangatnya yang bisa membangunkan setiap inchi sel tubuh yang kedinginan. Kemudian apakah kau menyadari sinar jingga yang kau lewatkan pagi ini bahkan ribuan pagi yang lalu telah membuat suatu keajaiban langit yang terlewatkan oleh lelapmu? Tidak. Kau bahkan lebih memilih melanjutkan tidurmu daripada melihat sinar jingganya. Lalu tanyakan pada rumput hijau pagi ini. Apakah ia masih menyimpan tetesan embun pagi? Iya. Namun kau sudah melewatkan waktu terlalu lama.

Sang surya sudah merangkak perlahan, menarik kembali sinar jingganya yang indah, rumput hijau sudah melepaskan tetesan embunnya yang menguap karena sinar sang surya. Dan sekarang kau ingin melihat mereka semua dan bertanya dimanakah mereka? Lalu kau berkesal hati dan menyalahkan semua.Continue reading →

Another Day, Another Trouble

“Time flies so fast.”


Exactly. More than 2 years I’ve been work in the Power Plant. So many stories, experiences, knowledge was carved inside. As an Operator who work in Power Plant especially in Fuel System sometimes make me feel so dizzy, stress even mad. O yeah? Some of you maybe doesn’t realize about this thing. How hard operators work to keep up electricity running well without any problems, keep equipments running normal and so on. Don’t you know, everytime you turn on the light, turn on television, start air-conditioner and any electric equipments those thing using an electricity and power plant is as source. And we are working for it.

I could say that, working in power plant is not easy as you think, because what we need is learn more, practice more and have some efforts to make it easyly. Every trouble that approach during working must be resolved normaly. And then the way to re-normalized condition after get some trouble is the most important thing that need team-work, spirit and responsibility of each operators.

Last time, we got some trouble when feeding coal operation running. The coal which delivered by conveyor got stuck and make some blocked area inside the coal hopper. Slowly, blocked area getting serious and it make coal run-out of belt. At that time I’m in control room saw this accident at CCTV camera, I took action to stop equipments immediately. What’s next?Continue reading →

Paint Your Life!

JUST NOW FINISHED my daily activity, washing my shoes, clean the room and praying. After finished take a pray just now, i have an idea to write something. So, now I’m seating on my chair with a cup of coffee. Ok, here we are. I’m going to tell you about my little secret. ;) what’s that? Let’s continue reading!

Everyone was born with all abilities and uniqueness, what then it depend on them whether they want to learn it more or not. However, I’m the one of them either you. :) actually, we can do anything as long as we believe we can do it. Take for example, when I was kid. I was cross in front of house which had a big dog. At that time, I don’t know if that dog is so fierce. I just walk, what’s next? That dog, suddenly bark and try to catch me up! WOW, I was scared! I just run a way, avoid that dog. I’m finding a big tree and climb it up. After that, that dog still barking and waiting for me to go down. Fortunately after 5 minutes, the crazy dog was leaved me. Huuft, finally. Then I realized, what a big tree! How height I’m now while laughing loudly, hahaa.. :D Yeah, at that time time I’m the good Runner and Climber! Amazing.

You see? Even I’m kid, but I can climb up the big tree that cannot be climb with other kid at that time. That was happened cause I believe I can run away from that dog and focus for my escape. Trying to climb up that big tree. So guys, you can take a conclusion from my little story when I was kid. :)

Continue reading →


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