After 6 Months of Vacuum Writing

This is my first posting in this year. Realized it or not I even forgot that I have a website hahaa. So, two months ago my blog was closed due to late of payment. I tried to contact the provider to recover my blog. Fortunately, after being paid then kokilistrikdotcom can be accessed. Actually, I have a lot of things to be share in here but due to lack of Me Time. I will inform you two things here:

Firstly, started early of this year, I just moved to another Project. This is a big challenges for anyone who involved in this Project, a place that many people keep an eye of it.

Secondly, early of this June our second baby was bornt. He is Man. We called him, Umar Hamzah. Whose name we took from two names of Shahabah, Umar bin Khattab RA and Hamzah bin Abdul Muthalib RA, we wised our baby can be like both Shahabahs: wise, eloquent, well spoken, strong, tolerant, noble, persuasive and clear of speech. Aamiin.

I wish I can allocated a more spare time to write more things in here. So, we can share something valuable through this simple blog. Thank you for reading.

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