TIME is precious and can’t be repeated. What we do with it will ultimately impact our life’s journey. We should greatful how lucky we are, that we in a nutshell, get a do over on life. And what better way to show our appreciation than to actually strive to be better than the day before.

We can start it from the small thing, such as: smile, arrive in Office in time, finish the task before deadline, fulfill the assignment, and all the best thing that people commonly did, we did it better. I still remembered that when I was an interviewed by Recruiter in the High School, she asked my Fathers job. At that time, I struggling to answer her question in English. I just forgot the vocabulary ‘Barber’, I just remembered the “Bar..” and can’t continue it. Then, she repeated my answer to make sure. ‘Work in Bar?’ (refer to salon or pub). Then I said, “no, no. It’s cut hair, you know?”. And the she smiled and said, ‘Oh, it’s called Barber’. I felt so shy at that time.

This is wouldn’t happened if I didn’t force to my self with high self confident to talk english during interview. I know that my English is so so, but I tried the best. Another case with my friend, they chose Bahasa to talk with Recruiters (actually their english is better than me, only if they confident to try). My friends who chose Bahasa to talk, only takes at least five minutes in interview. So quickly, right? Now, we back to my interview seat. After she finished gave me questions and her hand wrote a check a mark, I offered my hand to shake hand with the Recruiters and Users. As the result at that time, Alhamdulillah, I accepted in that Company.

Since that happened, I know that I should improve my english skills. So, I struggling to follow the English training that the Company held to give the best as I can. What I did in a past totally impact what I have today. Now, you may realized that this is my first post in English this year, hehe..

So, try the best. Don’t be the same, be better.

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