Keep Focus and Learn More!

Because it’s long time to let material books are closed. I’d forget about some systems and since last examination was held, I think I should learn more.

Well, don’t ask me about question which related water system or ash. I’m sure I forgot 60%. So, what’s wrong? :D nothing wrong, it’s natural! Last 2 years I’m working in Fuel System, I just keep focus on it and day by day water and ash system materials forgetting by time.

This evening, I just drew a few drawings and try to remember many equipments on site while imagine the flow, pipe and other equipments such as Clarifier, Activated carbon filter, tanks, cation anion exchanger, wow many things! Pumps, valves, name tagging, I think I need time to do more exercises, review on site and do practice.

I’m happy whenever I can conquered many challenges, feeling to be braver than before. The time is coming, get prepare. When you have a good preparation, you can work well, not only in fuel system but also you can work in water or ash system. Jiayou!

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