What Is Your Dream?

When you was a child, someone can ask you. What is your dream? And then you can say, I want to become a pilot, I want to become a doctor, astronaut, a soldier, a police, teacher and others.Am I right? But now I want to ask you, what is your dream? Is your dreams same like when you was a child? Or your dreams already changed by time, Or do you have other dreams? Or, maybe you don’t have dreams?

Yeah, everybody has own dreams including me. When I was seven years old, I want to become a soldier.Because, at that time in my opinion. The soldier has strong power to protect the country from enemy with their great equipments. After I graduated from elementary school, and I have so many friends. My dreams had changed. At that time I want to become a Director of the company, with high salary. So that I can buy anything that I want to buy, I can give that money to my parents. Buy the big house, car and motorcycle. Wow, great. And, that dreams become my motivation in the school. So, I always study hard to achieve my dreams.

Since I graduated from my junior high school and then I continued my study to the senior high school. I have changed my dreams become a racer, guitarist and pilot. I really don’t know why my dreams always changed by time. Since want to become, soldier, director, racer, guitarist and pilot. But now, after I graduted from senior high school and I accepted in one of company, I’m not become a soldier, director, racer, guitarist or pilot as my dreams. But, I’m going to become operator in that company. It’s beyond my imagine. I don’t know why but it’s reality.

I think whatever your dreams the most important thing is the way you achieve that dream and how perseverance you are and your focus with your dreams, because everyone wants to achieve their dreams to make their parents, family be proud. I know and I can feel, if you can achieved your goals in your life, you can change your world, you can makes everybody around you be happy. And also, your parents must be proud of you.

So, do the for your self to achieve your dreams because dream is the key to explore the world. With your dreams you can makes your family proud of you, with your dreams you can change your world, you can get what you want, and you can give the best thing to others. At least, if you want get what you want you must be perseverance and focus on it.

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