9 Tips to Improve Your Work Performance

Involved in various meeting or coordination with new people bring many benefits. At least we can learn something from them, such as: the idea, suggestion, how they handle something, etc. I feel lucky to met them.

To be a part of construction project is so challenges. Not only energy but also our mind. There are three things that we must maintain: time, quality and budget. How we reach the target and how we deal with the problems is a part of my life in this project. In this best moment, early 2022, I would like to share some tips for all of you how to improve your work performance:

1. Show Up Earlier
Consider developing the habit of arriving at work 15 to 20 minutes early. This extra time can help you avoid the stress of traffic, give you time for coffee and help you to relax and prepare for the day so you can work effectively. Also, your Supervisors are often impressed with employees who arrive ready to go or come earlier in the meeting.

2. Read More
Change is happening all the time, all around us. Reading is the best way to learn about new tools, trends, and technologies affecting your Company or Industry, and a great way to keep up with the competition.

3. Focus on One Task at a Time
You may heard that there is a belief in some work cultures that the most productive people multitask and complete several things at once to get things done. The truth is that when you multitask, you keep redirecting your attention from one thing to the next. It isn’t really possible to give your full attention to two things at once. Instead, it is better to give your full attention to one task before moving onto the next. You’ll likely finish both tasks faster and with fewer errors than if you try to multitask.

4. Become More Organized. (Plan, Organize, and Prioritize)
When making your to-do list, be reasonable and achievable. It is easier to stay on top of your tasks and find the things you need to do your job when you’re organized. This means setting up your desk, your inbox, your file storage, your computer’s desktop and your smartphone in a way that is most productive for you. It is important to be able to quickly find a file or an app without wasting time searching around.

Being organized takes time and persistence. If you dedicate time to organizing in your work life, you will cut down on the amount of time you take to find things when you need them. Reducing the number of possessions you keep can streamline this task. This includes creating guidelines for what emails to keep in your inbox. Strive only to keep emails that you still need to act on, and file or delete everything else.

5. Communicate Effectively
Whether you’re a Manager or not, make it your ultimate goal to establish a consistent communication channel among your team members. Effective communication at work can take the following forms: Evaluating your work performance on a frequent basis to keep your goals and responsibilities in mind every time you have to make a decision.

Creating a solution by talking with your colleagues, and actively listening to what they have to say. Making sure everyone knows their opinion matters when brainstorming new and improved ways to achieve better results.

6. Take a Break When You need One
Admitting you need a break is not a weakness, it just means you’re aware of your limitations and you’re wise enough to admit it.

7. Set Stretch Goals
A stretch goal is a goal that isn’t the next logical step in the process. It is something you’ll have to work toward, and challenges you to do something you may not otherwise be able to complete. In fitness, a stretch goal might be to lose 25 pounds, with regular, incremental goals of losing 5 pounds per month. At work, it could be as simple as committing to doing something that’s outside of your normal job description and comfort zone, such as planning a department party or giving a presentation to new hires.

8. Set Productivity Challenges
To foster more engagement and energy toward your work while improving your performance, set your own productivity challenges. Strive to do just a bit more than you already do, without compromising quality, during the same amount of time.

9. Use Feedback
If you’ve received any constructive criticism during annual reviews, performance reviews or other settings, implementing this advice should be your first step in improving your work performance. Feedback based on your performance is very useful not only to identify what you need to work on, but also to understand what your employer values and how you can become an indispensable employee. Criticism is a measurement of your performance and can give you a place to focus your efforts.

Hopefully above tips will help you. I wish you a wonderful year filled with enormous happiness and boundless joy. May all your hard work pay off and receive all the sweetest rewards you deserve in life. Aamiin.

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